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Ugly stumps spoiling your yard? You need the professionals at Big Orange Tree Service for a job well done. Phone us now to arrange a free estimate and get those stumps ground down or removed from your residential or commercial property in Villa Park.

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Tree Stump Grinding And Removal Contractors in Villa Park, CA

Getting rid of the branches is the simple part of the tree removal procedure. What is harder is getting rid of the tree trunk or stump. This is where all the heavy job is essential.

There are lots of ways to eliminate a tree trunk– by hand, chemical stump remover, burning, as well as grinding. One of the most reliable, as well as far better for your yard is tree stump grinding.

The problem of tree elimination in Villa Park would certainly rely on just how old the tree is. The younger the tree, the easier it is normally to eliminate it. Often, nevertheless, a stump can be stubborn and it could take a great deal of time to remove it by hand. In such instances, grinding ends up being an option to make the job easier as well as faster.


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To remove a stump by grinding, an unique power tool called a stump grinder or stump cutter is utilized. The dimension of this tools can differ. It can be as little as a mower or it could be industrial-sized as well as incorporated in a truck.

A stump mill has a cutter wheel with teeth on the edges. It is a high-speed disk that rotates to grind the stump and also the roots, turning it into timber chips.

Since these mills can set you back a large amount of bucks, they are mainly bought as well as made use of mainly by qualified landscapers and tree companies.

It is easier to just have it done properly rather than renting equipment and doing it on your own. We know what we are doing, have the very best market devices, as well as the ideal safety equipment.

Removing Tree Stumps in Villa Park

You might require to eliminate a tree stump that is dead as well as does not offer any type of function in all. Stumps such as this are just using up valuable land space. Some come to be tripping risks, specifically when they get hidden by grass, moss, and also weeds.

Prior to removing a stump, it is important to establish a number of points– the sort of tree, exactly how deep the origins are, exactly how huge the stump is, as well as how many stumps require to be gotten rid of. Leasing a stump grinder would be a lot more useful when getting rid of stumps of big deciduous trees and also if there are lots or a thousand of them that requires to be eliminated.

Other than the grinder, we use other professional quality devices as well as pretective garments when removing a stump

Using protective gear is very important when using a grinder. The timber chips as well as particles will fly all over as well as can enter the face and eyes.

Professional Tree Stump Removal Service In Villa Park

Right here are the fundamental steps we have to go through when eliminating a stump:

1. Eliminate any type of rocks or debris from the base of the stump and around the location where the bigger roots are located. A shovel, rake, and also a mattock work tools for removing rocks and debris.

2. Making use of a power saw, lowered the stump almost to the level of the ground.

3. Placement the grinder a few inches above the middle of the stump. Transform the devices on after that reduced it down regarding 3 inches into the stump moving from side to side.

4. When the grinder is currently down 4 inches right into the stump, relocate the equipment onward and after that repeat the grinding procedure. Do this till the whole stump is already 4 inches right into the ground.

If you wish to do tree stump grinding or tree trimming and tree removal in Villa Park and also removal on your own and simply lease equipment, do not rush right into doing the job without at the very least speaking with an expert as well as requesting for recommendations. This is a dangerous project to embark on as well as you may put yourself at risk if you do not have the right skills as well as know-how.